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If you need more reasons to not ride with Uber, drivers in Colorado were found to have criminal or motor vehicle offenses. A similar investigation into Lyft found no issues. Denver Post

The GOP tax-reform plan contains a repeal that causes graduate student tuition waivers to be counted as income. Wired

Excited to announce the launch of Everyday Wear, a joint venture between Ben Brooks and myself.

If you got the Apple Leather Case for your iPhone X: Do you find it slippery?

“The cosmic perspective not only embraces our genetic kinship with all life on Earth but also values our chemical kinship with any yet-to-be discovered life in the universe, as well as our atomic kinship with the universe itself.” Neil deGrasse Tyson

If being angry about something isn’t productive, then why get angry?

My wife got an iPhone 8 Plus yesterday, and the camera is amazing…makes me even more exited for the X.

Very interesting read on how the Netherlands have advanced sustainable farming. National Geographic

“The climate has always changed by itself through its own natural variability. But that doesn’t mean that humans can’t exacerbate or disrupt this natural variability by warming the planet even more and, by doing so, making the hots hotter, the wets wetter, the storms harsher, the colds colder and the droughts drier.” NYT

”…we are now ruled by people who are completely alienated not just from the scientific community, but from the scientific idea — the notion that objective assessment of evidence is the way to understand the world. And this willful ignorance is deeply frightening.” NYT

Sunrise Beautiful sunrise this morning.

Changer (KESTREL Book 1) ★★★★★

I think my choice of new iPhone will come down to the camera. I really like Fuji cameras, but it’s nice to not have to carry something extra without sacrificing a lot of quality.

How do you go about selling your old iPhone? Does it require locking in a price before the new ones are announced (like Gazelle) to get the best price?

“We trust scientific expertise on many issues; it is, after all, the best advice we can get. Yet on climate change, we have largely ignored the scientists’ work.” NYT

Is it possible to only have the Apple Watch notify of text messages from certain people?

This is why you have to be careful what VPN you trust to secure your web traffic. Techdirt via Hobo Signs

Scientists from 13 federal agencies have published a draft report on climate change that is awaiting approval from the Trump administration. There are concerns that it might be suppressed and the conclusions include that “Evidence for a changing climate abounds, from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans”. NYT

Cleaning a Dirty Sponge Only Helps Its Worst Bacteria, Study Says

Any Eero or Amplifi HD users around? Considering upgrading my network with one of the two.